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Student Council

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Welcome to the Student Council Website!


Welcome to the Shelbyville Central High School Student Council


Elections are off and running!  Please see the below for important dates and information.  For specific details about the campaign process, please see the page titled "Representative Election Guidelines" included in your petition packet.

1.  Student Council Class Representative Petition/Packets are availbable from Mrs. Insell (Rm 207) or in the library

2.  Return the completed petition to Mrs. Insell by 11:00 on Aug. 15

3.  Attend a mandatory meeting to discuss campaign rules before you will be allowed to campaign - Aug. 15

4.  Campaign week will begin on Aug. 16

5.  Posters and fliers must be hung by 4th period on Aug. 16

6.  Elections will be held on Aug. 18

7.  All campaign materials must be removed by 3:00 on Aug. 18


We welcome you to the Student Council page. We will keep you updated as much as possible when the time presents itself. Click "news", "calendar", "photo albums", or "file" to find more information and photos. Also, be sure to check out our new Facebook page at: 


The following link is to the Tennessee Association of Student Councils (TASC):