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2015-2016 Wrestling Team
2015-2016 Wrestling Team

What is Wrestling All About?

Wrestling is one of the only sports that everyone in the world can understand. The desire to test one’s strength and physical ability is innate — kids everywhere do it for fun! Competitive wrestling, in a formal setting, is a sport understood at its most primal level.

Wrestling doesn’t discriminate. No matter your body type — height or weight — there is a place for you in wrestling. In wrestling, as long as you are tough and have the desire to win, nothing else matters.Weight classes ensure fairness amongst the competitors, so you’re never too small or too big to participate.

Most wrestling teams don’t even cut their athletes from participating for lack of skill or talent. Rather, it’s more common for a wrestler to get cut from a team for not meeting academic, citizenship, or other (nonphysical) requirements. As long as you have the desire to be a member of the team, that’s where you belong.

SCHS Wrestling

We are heading into our second season of competiton and are looking forward to making an impact in our school, and community. I encourage you, no matter your size, skill level to come and comptete with us! There is no such thing as too many wrestlers on a team.