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Cross Country

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Shelbyville Central Cross County

Getting ready for the half-marathon
Getting ready for the half-marathon

Hi there! Welcome to Shelbyville Central Cross Country webpage. Our coaching philosophy and ethos is to instill discipline in athletes to promote academic and civic success. Students are expected to maintain their academics while keeping up with the rigors of the sport. Cross Country draws on both individual and collective strength. Every individual Cross Country athlete needs both mental and physical toughness. After weeks and months of training, the athlete put their individual work together as a team. Through this process of work and colloboration, we hope to mold the athlete for success. If you have any questions about the team, please email the head coach. Go Eagles!!!

Head Coach: Anoulom Phimphivong

Boys Cross Country Captain-Cristian Ramirez

Girls Cross Country Captain- Citlally Palmeros