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Subjects Taught
Psychology, U.S. History


I graduated from Oakland High School in 2002. I am a graduate of Grand Canyon University in Phoneix Arizona and I am currently recieving my Masters training from Liberty University Online program.


I have substitute taught for over 5 years in a varitey of schools in the mid-state area of Tennessee, both in short term and long term roles. This is my first full time (year long) position and I am truly excited.


I am born and raised in Tennessee. Graduated High School in Murfreesboro. Went into the Army in 2002 and returned to Murfreesboro in 2009. I have just moved to Shelbyville in December and I really enjoy the community and the people here. I am currently sponsoring Chess Club, the Table Top Game Club, and I am the Mid/Long Distance track coach. Field coach as well, (throwers and jumpers).