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Top 10  

Top 10 highest ranking in World History

Elizabeth Atonsa (100)

Jonathan Fernandez (100)

Hunter Wilhelm (99)

Maria Baltazar (99)

Lindsey Parker (98)

Emily Armstrong (98)

Lauren Wooten (98)

Hayden King (97)

Maleah Woods (97)

Kendall Dearing (97)


Thank you for being the best of the best, you truly inspire me!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Parent Talks  

I wish to inform you that I will be available for conferences regarding your child’s performance in my World History class on 5/1/18. I will be in my classroom (room 204) between the hours of 3 and 6 pm. Please contact me by e-mail at: if you need to schedule a specific time to meet with me.

Your child’s grade is available at:                                                                                                                                                                         

Any missing assignment for the current quarter (nine week period) is available at:


Thank You,

Mr. Kronenes

World History teacher