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Daphne Wilson Staff Photo

Welcome Page 


Welcome to Ms. Wilson's Bridge Math/Geometry class!

 In this class we will be preparing for whatever the student is planning to do after graduation whether it be going straight into the workforce or on to higher education. Students will be building upon the fundamentals of math and exploring areas that will be important in the college classroom in addition to learning how to apply their mathematical knowledge to the real world.

In this class, grades will be determined by class assignments that will be graded on participation, quizzes and tests for correctness, and projects that will count as quiz grades. At the end of each quarter there will also be a notebook quiz where the student will be asked about the content of his or her notebook. If the student has kept his or her notebook organized, this should be an easy 100.

I fully believe that hard work should come with tangible rewards, so the students will be rewarded after every test if the class average is an 80 or above.

 If the average is below an 80, then students will be allowed to do test corrections to gain up to half of their missed points back.



My goal as a teacher is to see all of my students succeed, and I will do whatever I can to help each student get there. I will work hard for my students in hopes that they will also work hard for me and we can meet in the middle in order for everyone to reach graduation.